“House of what?!”

Hello and welcome to House of Spolland – in black and white for your reading pleasure! I’ve finally taken the plunge!


Well, what would you like to know?!! Bit of a weird name for a start I guess.  It’s a bit of a merge of our two surnames in a TomKat/Brangelina kinda way… come to think of it, that doesn’t bode well does it!


Let’s start with the basics – my name is Lydia and I am diving into my 30s, with a little less vigour than my teens and more wisdom than my 20s, desperately trying to ‘adult’ and keep the house plants alive. There are many casualties (the fern looks like it’s had a terrible bikini wax appointment!) and I fear they were loved too much.


Here’s me enjoying two of my favourite things – fish & chips and a good G&T!

Together with my husband, we own a Victorian terrace house in Lancashire.  I feel a little late to the property game but I am loving the process of turning this house into our home. It’s a project and it needs some TLC, but we’re more than happy to take it on – bodge jobs et al!


What will I be knattering on about then? Will I inspire or be a complete bore? Will I have anything to ‘bring to the table’? Quite frankly, who knows! Am I going to enjoy myself – of course!  If you follow me on Instagram then you will already have already seen a snapshot of our home and some of the projects within THE project. Sometimes a caption just isn’t enough though and it can be difficult to fully convey how I’ve felt about a project, a process, or a product; so this is where I plan to do just that.  I want to share some of the tips and tricks we’ve found along the way, the projects we have done so far and document the projects we undertake as they come along.  I am also a massive believer in supporting local trades and businesses, as well as small businesses generally, so I hope to include those too.  Who knows, I might even share a recipe or two!


So, “let’s start at the very beginning…” Do you remember being a first time buyer or a first time renter? I remember the first time I saw this house, the first time I booked a viewing and the first time I stepped through that doorway. I can tell you, as soon as I walked into this house, I felt like I was home…


1 thought on ““House of what?!”

  1. Love the post Lydia! I totally get what you mean about knowing as soon as you enter a house, I’ve had that feeling with both of the places I’ve owned! Cat x


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