Plans for our hallway…

They say that first impressions count, and they do, so why is it that often the hallway is left out.  What would your entrance and hallway say about you?

At the moment our hallway is letting out a shriek and shooing the humans into another room like someone caught with no makeup on or with their skirt in the air!

Kate Watson-Smyth of @madaboutthehouse put it so well in her book of the same name when she said that a hallway “needs to say: ‘Come on in, I’ve been waiting for you, let me take your coat…” Yes, it should be the space that helps you to connect to the other rooms in your house.

Our hallway is our next project, so I thought that I would share some pictures of the current state of it (brace yourselves!) and share our plans too.  I’m at that stage where I am dragging my feet to the finish line.  This project will complete the upstairs of our house and moves us nicely into the projects we have downstairs.  Come on!!

As with most Victorian properties, our entrance and hallway doesn’t have much natural light so I have struggled to know what best to do.  Do I try and lighten it up or do I embrace the darkness?

An agent picture showing the landing and hallway area as we bought it – complete with heavy light fitting!

Last year I decided that I was sick of not knowing what was going on behind the lining paper and stripped the wallpaper.  Sometimes ideas like that are good at the time… then the reality hits!

I was not prepared for the red walls behind the lining paper!!

WOW! Not quite what I expected!

Quite some damage in the past it seems but nothing that a good plastering job can’t fix.  The ceiling will need to be replaced though and the old loft hatch removed.

So… what do we have planned?

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The mood board I have created for our hallway project – this gives you an idea of how I would like the hallway to feel and helps me to visualise my ideas (read as: convince Mr S!)


We have a dado rail starting in our hallway and continuing up the stairs and along the landing.  I’ve decided to go dark – I’m a sucker for a monochrome look and a dark colour will hide any scuffs on the walls for a little longer than a lighter shade.  I’m going to include the skirting boards and frames too!

Above the dado will be white – the complete opposite.  I wanted this because we plan on hanging lots of pictures and I wanted them to stand out on the wall.  If I’m honest, any colour would feel better than the blood red colour that we have at the moment!

The dado continues along the hallway, up the stairs and along the landing area too.


The original wooden flooring is going to stay but in time there will be a stair runner.  That will save me sounding like a baby elephant when I run down the stairs late, which is pretty much a daily occurrence!  I fancy a jazzy stair runner – think stripes and patterns.  I would just love something to lift the space and inject a little colour.

I love the stripped back floorboards but a stair runner will certainly bring them to life!


The light fittings will be glass and the main one will be coloured. Cannot wait to see it sparkle! I didn’t want to block out even more light and, what natural light there is, I wanted to try and reflect even more.  Hopefully this logic will work!

We struggle for natural light in the hallway – glass light fittings should keep some of it here and not block it out.

Other Plans

I will be stripping the paint from the bannister and balustrade.  I dread to think how many layers of paint are on there! I’m wanting to bring a little more texture this way and what better way than through the natural wood.

I am also starting to collect pictures so that we can start to actually personalise our home.  We don’t have one wedding picture printed out and framed – how bad is that?! I’m looking forward to displaying family pictures and the art that I have started to collect from small businesses.

These original features will be beautifully showcased.
The red paint was everywhere!!

Very soon this will all be a reality and I will be able to walk into my home and not see the red walls.  The hallway and landing area is quite possibly the most used and also the most forgotten area of the home.  It takes a beating though doesn’t it?! I’m looking forward to giving our house the hallway that it deserves!

I would love to know what you think and I am looking forward to sharing the finished result very soon.  I never thought that I would feel so excited about new plaster, but when that is the next stage to plans becoming a reality I’m sure you can understand my excitement!


Lydia x

2 thoughts on “Plans for our hallway…

  1. I can empathise with your new plaster excitement, when we took the wallpaper off in our house the plaster came with it! It’s so worth it when its all done, looking forward to seeing what you do x


  2. I am loving your mood board – comparing the existing photos with the proposed (via your mood board) – the hallway will look stunning. White walls above the dado as a backdrop for your prints/photos will look fab. Looking forward to it!


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