An Honest Chat About ‘Renovation Fatigue’ With Janet of @daffodils_and_gin

Hello and welcome to the next instalment in the blog series – An Honest Chat About ‘Renovation Fatigue’. This week I’ve been able to have an honest chat with Janet of @daffodils_and_gin.  Janet and I are renovating similar houses and I have enjoyed seeing the progress they have made so it has been lovely to hear how Janet has felt during the problems they have encountered – it has certainly resonated with me!  My aim is to bring you a different story each Friday and hope that by doing this we can recognise how far we’ve come, but also share the reality of taking on a house renovation.  If you would like to be involved then please contact me either through this link or via Instagram.  That’s enough from me – over to Janet!


  • Hi, my name is Janet
  • Myself and my partner bought our Victorian terrace house in Market Harborough 4 years ago.
  • We loved it as soon as we looked around it for the first time. It’s light and airy, has high ceilings, original character features and just felt like it could be our home.

Hi Janet! Tell us a little more about your project – how much work has been needed?

We knew the house would need some work, not least replacing the bathroom upstairs that was cramped and not heated, and we planned to demolish an outbuilding and add a downstairs toilet. However, this initial assessment of what was required then grew and we have ended up redecorating every room, creating a loft hatch and boarding it for storage, adding a single storey rear extension which contains a downstairs bathroom and utility room, completely starting again with the front and back garden, replacing the upstairs bathroom, getting the eaves and fascia boards repainted, gutting and replacing the kitchen and removing and reinstating fireplaces.

Bedroom – before

None of these jobs have been without their problems and set backs. The extension was delayed because it needed to be higher than we initially thought so planning permission was required, we’ve had to remove plaster and take down ceilings and we’ve had to factor in extra costs such as we couldn’t restore the bedroom floorboards so had to have a new floor and new garden fences. None of the rooms have been straight forward redecorating jobs but I appreciate this is what you get when you buy an old property. You never know what you’re going to find!

Landing – during
Landing – after

You’ve created such a beautiful home already! Have the delays and complications brought any further ‘lows’?

There have been points within each project that have felt like real renovation lows but the one that really sticks out is how I struggled with when we redecorated the living room and dining room earlier this year. We started it pretty much straight after finishing the kitchen and in hindsight we perhaps should’ve taken some time off. It also impacted on us as we decided to do both rooms at once and they’re right in the middle of the house and they can’t be avoided. We had the fireplaces replaced, replaced the floor and redecorated so quite a lot of work. I just couldn’t switch off from it. Every room in the house was affected as all the stuff from those two rooms was stored around the house so you couldn’t get away from it. I read that you should always have one room not affected by a project – a haven – but we didn’t have that. I felt tired and it felt like it really dragged on though actually when you think about it rationally it didn’t take that long.

We now have complete renovation fatigue. We were supposed to crack on with tiling the hallway floor but we just can’t face it! It’s the last job to do in the house as well! Hopefully we’ll re-find our enthusiasm and get it done.

Bathroom – before
Bathroom – after

To finish on a high it’s all been totally worth it. When I look around our home I’m so proud of what we’ve done and how we’ve made it ours. My partner and I have worked really well together and got through the stress, decision making, expense and brick dust. I’m not sure we’ll ever do it again but to be honest we don’t need to as we’re so happy with our home.

Kitchen – before
Kitchen – after

Thank you to Janet for sharing her renovation story and having an honest chat about renovation fatigue.  I’m sure you would agree that they have created a beautiful home and their hard work is something to be proud of.  Head over to Janet’s Instagram page to see more pictures.

If you can relate to Janet’s experience and feel that you also have something you want to share on this subject then please contact me to be involved.  Either use this link or contact me via Instagram.

Lydia x

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