An Honest Chat About ‘Renovation Fatigue’ with Hannah Black

Hello and welcome to week four of the blog series – An Honest Chat About ‘Renovation Fatigue’. This week I’ve been able to have an honest chat with Hannah, one half of @thehouseinthecorner_.  Hannah and her fiancé Rob have been renovating their house since March this year and their progress has been amazing to watch!  My aim is to bring you a different story each Friday and hope that by doing this we can recognise how far we’ve come, but also share the reality of taking on a house renovation.  If you would like to be involved then please contact me either through this link or via Instagram.  That’s enough from me – over to Hannah!


  • Hannah and Rob
  • A late 1980’s 3 bed detached house in South Yorkshire
  • Hannah works in Engineering Project Management


I’m Hannah, and me and my fiancé Rob decided that a renovation project would be a good idea for our first home. It definitely allowed us to get more for our money!

We got the keys at the beginning of March after a long, drawn out buying process (perks of a private sale!) and have been renovating since!


Kitchen – before

We decided we wanted to make the house completely our own, so in our wisdom we stripped it all back to floorboards and plaster & have been building it back up ever since.

Renovation highs have definitely been all the new skills we’ve learned (such as tiling, floor laying etc) & the sense of achievement you get from small things coming together!


I remember the moment when we eventually got rid of the last bit of 90s wallpaper, finally felt like real progress! However, being able to move in was by far our biggest high point, despite having about 100 jobs left to do at the time.

Hallway – before
Hallway – after

Renovation lows have been the moments when it really felt like things would never be finished. We both have full time jobs, and with the help of family and friends have been doing most of the work ourselves. Fitting the renovation in between work has been a real challenge, and it can start to feel really all consuming. We’ve had to really force ourselves to step away from the house and have weekends doing other things, but it is really hard to strike a healthy balance when you just want to do as much work as possible in the house!


Luckily we both love camping so that’s been an easy & cheap way for us to have some time to escape.

Hannah’s top tip: I’d definitely recommend finding something you enjoy to fit around doing a renovation, otherwise you’d get fed up and burn out pretty quickly! 

Kitchen – after!

Thank you to Hannah (and Rob too!) for sharing their renovation story and having an honest chat about renovation fatigue.  I still can’t believe how different their kitchen looks after their hard work.  Head over to @thehouseinthecorner_ to see more pictures and to watch their renovation journey unfold.

If you can relate to Hannah’s experience and feel that you also have something you want to share on this subject then please contact me to be involved.  Either use this link or contact me via Instagram.

Lydia x

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