An Honest Chat About ‘Renovation Fatigue’ With Kat of

Hello and welcome to week six of the blog series – An Honest Chat About ‘Renovation Fatigue’. This week I’ve been able to have an honest chat with Kat, of  Kat has documented the highs and lows through her pictures on Instagram and I have really enjoyed seeing the progress that they have made.  My aim is to bring you a different story each Friday and hope that by doing this we can recognise how far we’ve come, but also share the reality of taking on a house renovation.  If you would like to be involved then please contact me either through this link or via Instagram.  That’s enough from me – over to Kat!


  • Kat and her family too!
  • 1940s house in Leicestershire
  • Bought their home three and a half years ago

Hey, Kat here from Little Rose House.  We moved into our home nearly three and a half years ago.  I have never been one for superstition but for some reason moving into number thirteen freaked me out a little, so we decided to give the house a name.

Before and during of Little Rose House

Little Rose House is in Leicestershire and we believe from our research it was built in the mid 1940s.  I am still working on finding the exact date it was built.  One of the slogans of the second world war was “make do and mend” and this still rings true with how we are going about our renovation.  We have little to no budget when it comes to renovation work, we wait for sales and I adore vintage, antique and charity shops to find bargain treasures for the house.  The work we have done on the property has had to be done very slowly (I have had to teach myself a whole new level of patience) and a lot of it has been carried out by myself and my father in law.  This comes with mixed emotions as I always wish we had the pennies just to get somebody in to do it quickly but it has also taught me a lot of new DIY skills that I didn’t have before!

The whole family gets involved in the renovation at Little Rose House!
We have sanded, stripped, fitted, fixed and painted and there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  When we moved into the house it was in pretty bad condition. We have had to put new flooring in throughout, treated damp problems, turned the garage into a playroom and have had a full re-plaster. I have a huge love for original features so we have worked hard to replace all of those too, a cast iron fire place in the lounge, and slowly replacing the coving and reinstating all of the picture rails throughout the house.
Replacing original features at Little Rose House
All of this has had a huge effect on my mental health. Renovating a house is tiring, in fact it’s completely exhausting. While renovating, my husband works full time and I’m a stay at home mum we have two daughters aged two and six. The girls take up most of time and that is exactly how I love it to be but on a renovation level it leaves little to no time to get on with big house projects that need completing. I sometimes feel for the girls having to live in a house that has looked like a building site for the last three years! They see friends houses who are so polished and lovely and I sometimes feel guilty that I can’t complete ours any quicker for them.


Some ‘renovation reality’ pictures from Little Rose House
During our renovation we sadly lost my mum to cancer which was the darkest time of my life. Since then I often struggle to find the motivation to keep going with it all. I received some inheritance when mum died and it allowed us to have an extension at the back of our house.  People would say “how exciting” but it was always mixed feelings as it felt like a huge decision to make and I would forever choose my beautiful mum over all the money in the world. We finally decided she would have wanted us to put it into our home and so we lived through five months of a large renovation project. Living as a family of four through such a large project was so hard, life without a kitchen and a washing machine and constantly living in brick dust was a challenge but there was no option for us to stay elsewhere so we made the best of it.


Progress pictures of the extension work at Little Rose House
Roll on five months and it was the 23rd of December and we finally had a new kitchen, and since Christmas everything is slowly moving back towards normality!
The renovation of Little Rose House has brought some great highs, learning new skills and looking at the finished project and feeling great you did it all yourself. We have a few rooms finished that now look beautiful and it’s all been through our own hard work. It’s been so wonderful filling the house with character again you almost feel the house come alive again! Oh and the lows have been the lowest, with the back wall of the house dropping mid extension and discovering the whole house needed a complete re-plaster.
Renovation fatigue is real, it’s the highs and lows, juggling it with everything else life throws at you. It’s the physical effort needed to renovate and the emotional aspects it carries with it too. If you know anyone knee deep in a big renovation project tell them they are doing an awesome job and invite them round for a cuppa because I promise you it will do them a world of good getting out of a home that can at times feel unfinished and suffocating.
P. s the biggest thank you to the Instagram community for their kind words and support and for cheering me on through the renovation journey  xx
Just look at Kat’s kitchen now!

Thank you to Kat for sharing their renovation story, personal feelings about her mental health and having an honest chat about renovation fatigue.  You’ve created a beautiful family home – one to be proud of especially when dealing with the loss of your mum too.  Head over to to see more pictures.

If you can relate to Kat’s experience and feel that you also have something you want to share on this subject then please contact me to be involved.  Either use this link or contact me via Instagram.

Lydia x


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