How to Convert a Wardrobe Into a Larder Cupboard

Wardrobe converted into a larder cupboard

I do love a cupboard.  Admittedly, a lot of my cupboards are an organised chaos (think “Monica cupboard” levels) but there’s no better feeling than being able to shut the door and know that it can’t be seen.  I do like everything to have a place in the home and I really enjoy finding great storage solutions too.  This was going to be of paramount importance in our kitchen!

We have quite a narrow kitchen and I wanted to remove the wall cupboards so that it felt more spacious.  This obviously reduces the amount of storage space available so we needed to come up with another solution. I know there’s only two of us in this house, but we need somewhere to store our food!

A full picture of our narrow galley style kitchen

I had seen larder cupboards feature in a lot of kitchens – some are free standing and some are built in cupboards.  They really appealed to me because of my above-mentioned organised chaos – the thought of being able to just close the doors on lots of things and hide them away, especially in the kitchen, sounded magical! 

This is where budget came into play though.  Our kitchen budget had all but gone on a new roof earlier in 2019 and many of the built in larder cupboards were coming out eye wateringly out of budget.  Plus, we won’t be hanging around in this house for a long time so I was conscious of having a piece of furniture that we could take with us when we move. 

With those two considerations in mind, we went on a search for the perfect cupboard or wardrobe to become our new storage solution.  I enjoy repurposing furniture too, so this was a win-win for me!

I looked on eBay and Facebook Marketplace initially, but couldn’t find a wardrobe or cupboard that was the right size or nearby.  We then went to our local antiques warehouse and found this wardrobe – it had the right dimensions, it was the right price and was solidly made.

A wooden wardrobe with the perfect dimensions for our kitchen was found at our local antique warehouse
Here she is – it was love at first sight!

How many shelves?

We already had a wine rack and so I put that at the bottom of the wardrobe and used that as a gauge the best height for the bottom shelf (priorities!).  I also had two containers for spaghetti and porridge oats that I wanted to be able to have on the top shelf (don’t ask me why exactly, but the need was there!).    Once we knew where those shelves could go, we decided there would be space for three shelves.

I went to B&Q and got two lengths of 2m shelving cut in half so that they would fit inside the wardrobe.  The service was free (depends on how much you need cutting so double check first) and the staff were really helpful.  

How are the shelves attached?

While I was in B&Q I also picked up some modesty/fixing blocks to attach to the side of the wardrobe for the shelves to sit on.  

We used 40mm long screws and two modesty blocks so that the shelves were sturdy.  They were slightly shorter than the full width of the wardrobe in places.  Obviously this will be different for everyone so just double check that the screws won’t be poking out of the sides of the cupboard or wardrobe.

Can I fill my cupboard now?!

Ok, so just to give a bit of context, our kitchen paraphernalia was kept in our dining room during the renovation and we had family coming over; they were arriving on the Sunday and the weekend before we had only just tiled the kitchen and still had so much more to do! Our main focus was to get the dining room cleared and kitchen in use by the Saturday night.  I think it was late one Thursday night that the larder cupboard was converted and so I basically shoved alllll the food in the cupboard to get it out of the dining room! I took “organised chaos” to the extreme!!

The inside of this cupboard is no longer organised chaos!

I had a few storage jars, but they weren’t really fit for purpose and I was kindly gifted these storage jars from Wilko (please note that this blog post is not part of the collaboration) which has finally spurred me on to get this completely organised and not as chaotic as it was! I love that you can use chalk to write labels so they can easily be changed up when needed and I can easily see how much I have of everything so I don’t overbuy.  I have the 0.5l, 1l and 1.5l sizes. The bottom drawer of the wardrobe holds all our Tupperware (bulk cooker over here). 

I did wonder about painting the cupboard and changing the handles, but I decided against it.  I’m happy with it as it is for the moment, but it is something that I would consider in the future.  Below is a breakdown of the cost:

Wardrobe – £95

Shelves – £42 (£10.50 per shelf)

Modesty/Fixing blocks – £3.52 for a pack of 24

Total cost = £140.52

I’m sure you’ll agree that this option has been a lot more budget friendly, plus it has been great to repurpose an item of furniture and create a great storage solution.

I have added links to all the products that feature and if you decide to try this for yourself then please tag me because I’d love to see what you do. Thanks for reading and if you’ve got any questions please ask!

Lydia x

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3 thoughts on “How to Convert a Wardrobe Into a Larder Cupboard

  1. Love the blog – great larder cupboard and very organised xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s stayed organised for more than a week too so I’m impressed with myself! Xxx


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