5 Ways to Create a Feature Fireplace

I don’t know about you, but I love a feature fireplace.  

Whether it’s a large fireplace (think Beauty & the Beast) with a roaring fire, or a reclaimed cast iron beauty with lots of intricate details, a fireplace can really bring a great feature and focal point to any room.

Our house is Victorian and we were fortunate enough to have original cast iron fireplaces in two of the bedrooms.  I have always loved period features and so I was thrilled that they had been kept and not ripped out, as they often are.  Unfortunately, they were both covered in really bad paint jobs and so I decided that I would revamp them and, as part of renovating, I would make them a feature in the room.

We have four fireplaces in total in our house and each is slightly different from the next.  I’m going to share three of the completed fireplaces, the techniques used and also share some of my favourite fireplaces. Let’s see how you can make your fireplace a feature too.

Stripping the paint using Peelaway

Peelaway is product that can be used to strip paint from metal, wood, plaster and masonry.  I had seen other accounts on Instagram use this product around their homes and so decided that I would use it for the fireplace in the master bedroom.

What I really like about Peelaway is that you use ‘blankets’ to cover the solution while it works away at lifting the paint.  This definitely takes away the smell that I usually associate with paint strippers.  

You can read more about how I restored the fireplace in our master bedroom here.

Once the paint was as good as gone, I completed the restoration by using an iron paste and that has really highlighted the details of the fireplace design.  Once styled, it is now the focal point of the bedroom. All the details of the products that I used can be found here.

Spray Paint

This can probably give you the quickest results for the lowest of cost. 

In our guest bedroom, I used Rust-Oleum spray paint to get rid of the very shoddy paint job that had been done before.  I was so pleased with the result and it definitely sped up the revamp of the room, because needing a new ceiling certainly didn’t!

There are so many colours available, so go wild! Just double check if you are wanting to use the fireplace as a working fire, as you will need to use a product that is heat resistant.  You definitely want to keep the flames inside the fireplace.

Paint with water based paint

The fireplace in our living room is quite ornate.  I doubt that it is original but, since we couldn’t really see how it had been attached to the wall in the first place, I didn’t fancy trying to rip it out,

I decided, as part of the living room revamp, to paint it black in water based paint.  I collaborated with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Athenian Black (PR Product) to do this and the paint went on like an absolute dream! I used wax (also a PR Product as part of the collaboration with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) for the top of the fireplace and stopped at the frame that immediately surrounded the fireplace since we have a wood burner and I wanted to keep the water based paint closest to there and not make a cosy night in the front of the fire too dangerous!

See how Hannah of @welcometothewajus transformed this fireplace and how it ties in with her living room now too. The power of paint!

Picture credit: @welcometothewajus

Make a statement

A great way to make a feature out of your fireplace is by making a statement.

I love how Lara of @lara.bezzina has gold leafed her fireplace – it really gives it the wow factor and what a beautiful job she has done too!

Picture credit: @lara.bezzina

Mia of @miafelceathome has painted her fireplace in a bright colour and look how wonderfully it contrasts with the tiles.

Picture credit: @miafelceathome

If you have a period home with fireplaces, I think these two examples really show that you can still be sensitive to the age of the property and inject some fun and some personality into a room by making a statement with the colours or techniques you choose.

Style it up

You may not have restored, revamped, or painted your fireplace a bright colour, so how else can you make it a feature and focal point? By styling it up with your favourite mirror, pictures and other treasures.

Look at how Mads of @fablesatthegables has used a contrasting pink tile with her beautiful fireplace and the pampas. Can you spot the three monkeys too?

Picture credit: @fablesatthegables

I love how Joanne of @hardcastletowers has used a picture and other colourful treasures here above and on her bedroom fireplace. Joanne also used left over tiles from her bathroom for the hearth.

Picture credit: @hardcastletowers

Steph of @homenumbertwenty has changed the tiles in her fireplace and uses a mirror and flowers so that her fireplace becomes a focal point of her living room.

Picture credit: @homenumbertwenty

Look at the mirror that Camellia of @mrsodojukan chose for above her fireplace.  Camellia also painted her fire surround in the same colour as the walls, and yet it doesn’t fade away into the background and still retains a feature status.

Picture credit: @mrsodojukan

If you’re green fingered (I most certainly am not – self confessed plant killer over here!), then see how Nessie of @home.plants.and.three.cats has created a feature of her fireplace by adorning it with her luscious plant babies. House plant goals!

What I love about the styling up a feature fireplace is that it can be seasonal too. I often change up my flowers and other treasures. I ‘shop my home’ and by using different shapes and heights you can really change the feel of the fireplace and the focal point that you have created.

Do you have a fireplace in your home? Have you made it a feature yet?

So many fireplaces are either removed or hidden and look how much of a feature they can be and really bring a focal point to any room. As I said before, I do love a feature fireplace!

I hope that you have found some ideas of how you could make a feature out of your fireplace. It doesn’t have to cost a lot – for example, some of the spray paints cost around £15. If you don’t have a fireplace in a room and would like to install one, you can find real gems on either eBay or Facebook Marketplace, or check out your local reclamation yard too. If we hadn’t got original fireplaces already then that’s something that I would have done.

I hope you’ve found some great ideas for creating a feature fireplace in your home. Follow me on Instagram and please tag me in any pictures of your feature fireplaces, so that I can share them.

Lydia x

5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Create a Feature Fireplace

  1. I love this Lydia! Such great ideas!! 🔥🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nessie!! So happy to feature your stunner of a fireplace too xx


  2. Oh I love them all. Great post Lydia. And some very good ideas. We’ve got four fireplaces in our house. And I cant wait to give the others some attention. It takes time. Thank you for featuring our fireplace. Oh my gosh and Nessie’s plants, I’m in love with that whole room.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Camellia! Your fireplace is so beautiful, I have no doubt that you will create other stunning fireplaces too. Oh yes, I need all the help I can get with plants! Xx


  3. Love this – and some inspiring fireplaces, not just yours too.


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