10 DIY Projects During Lockdown 2.0

10 DIY Projects in Lockdown - A bouquet of hydrangea in front of a pink door

Here in the UK we are preparing to enter, what I am affectionately calling, Lockdown 2.0.  After making our way through spring and summer and seeing restrictions ease, we now find ourselves heading into darker nights and shorter days, with 4 weeks in our homes.

I’ll be honest, I think during the first lockdown I felt quite lost – I do not have a key worker role, my job role changed and I really struggled to find the positive in anything. The global pandemic situation has hit many on a mental health, financial and health level and so I wanted to share 10 DIY Projects I plan on doing during Lockdown 2.0 because not only will it give me some form of accountability, but I figured it may help some of you too. 

The reality is that the list of jobs that need doing in this house is long, but I’m going to be realistic and just share ten of them.  These projects will all be done using products that we own already, or on a tight budget.

Freshen up the entrance

Granted, it may only be the delivery drivers that will see it, but I’m planning on freshening up our front door and entrance.  

The front door has been slightly battered with deliveries over the past few years so I think a repaint is in order and I’m going to look at either some ways I can either clean up or replace the door furniture as well.

Hang pictures

It may just be me, but I take so long to hang pictures! I have prints that I have already framed, prints that need framing and frames that need prints.  I have tended to pick up a lot of frames in charity shops over the last few years, but I may check on eBay to see if anyone is having a clear out too.

We may actually print out wedding pictures too since I don’t think there is a picture of the two of us in the house anywhere.  I’ll use a mixture of Command strips and pictures hooks, where we have a picture rail, because I’m still not over the fact that we have plastered and painted walls!

10 DIY Projects in Lockdown - landing area with wooden floorboards and a light fitting showing five glass light shades against white bare walls.
We still haven’t got all the pictures on the wall here yet!

Adding colour using paint we already own

I have a number of tester pots and some paint left from rooms we have already painted, so it might not be a bad time to use those and add some colour.  I’m thinking specifically of the office.  It was a room that we had plastered, painted white and made liveable.  Since it certainly looks like we’ll be spending more time working from home, I need to make sure it is a space I definitely want to spend time in.

We do need to change the desk and chair too, but that may have to wait a little longer.

Bathroom maintenance

When was the last time you deep cleaned your grout or freshened up the silicone in your bathroom?

We sorted out the silicone a few weeks ago when we had a couple of nights away, but I really need to sort the grout out.  I may even buy a grout pen to help with that!  Grout pens can usually be bought for less than £5, so if deep cleaning doesn’t bring it up sparkling, I know what I can resort to.

10 DIY Projects in Lockdown - a white bath with white metro tiles showing a bath board with a spider plant on toiletries on it.
I need to spend some time freshening the grout and woodwork in the bathroom.


Ok, so this isn’t strictly a DIY project but our guest bedroom has become a dumping ground (in the absence of guests!) and so I need to get a handle on it.  

I know that I have some products stored under the bed in the guest bedroom for a time just like this.  Think spray paint, old wallpaper and heirlooms that need to be on display. I need to get them out from the under the bed and organised. It would also be nice to have the room ready for when we are eventually allowed guests again.

10 DIY Projects in Lockdown - a black fireplace with leaf wallpaper and bright pink pom pom accessories.
If only this guest room looked as neat and tidy as this picture!

Freshen up the paintwork

In the master bedroom especially, I need to touch up some of the paintwork around the panelling.  With the changes in weather and general movement, fine cracks tend to appear and especially so in old houses.  

I’m planning going to go through each room to make sure that there aren’t scuffs on the wall and that the paintwork is crisp and fresh.

Upcycle furniture

Earlier in the year I bought some new handles and paint for the pine bed side tables and chest of drawers in the master bedroom.  So far, I have only painted the bed side tables, so now is a good time to get the chest of drawers painted and new handles fitted!

Do you have any items of furniture that you could upcycle with paint you already own?

10 DIY Projects in Lockdown - bedside up cycled in Stiffkey Blue and with vintage drawer handles.
I’ve up cycled the bedside tables, so now I need to do the same with the chest of drawers too.

Make my own cushion covers

I still have some cushion pads without covers and I have fabric left over from a previous project and vintage fabric that I bought off eBay a couple of months ago.  I intend to make my own cushion covers since I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for.  I also bought some fringing and pom poms a few months ago and I need to customise some plain cushions that I bought online for the garden project in April.

I reckon I’ve got enough to keep me going and create some more soft furnishings for the dining room and living room.

Kitchen maintenance

We have wooden worktops in our kitchen and I need to give the sink area a little attention.  I’m still massively impressed with the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil that we used in the kitchen project and I think I’m going to buy some more and use it for the dining table top too.  

Aside from that, there are a few areas that need caulking again and the paint freshening up.  Plus, I still haven’t got any pictures on the wall – a common theme, I know!

10 DIY Projects in Lockdown - a view of the kitchen showing pink door, original door, white kitchen cabinets and original tiled floor.
More pictures needed here in the kitchen too.

Garden maintenance

If you follow @littleterracedhouse, then you will have seen her post about how to do a bulb lasagne.  I have my bulbs, I have my soil, I have my plant pot – so now I need to plant them ready for spring!

The rest of the garden just needs a tidy up and I need to get a second coat of fence paint on when the sun is shining.

So there’s ten of the DIY projects that I have planned.  I am going to break them down so that I can achieve them in lunch breaks and evenings, and I’m going to try and spend no more than 30 mins on them too. I do hope that this has given you some ideas too, as there is a lot that can be achieved in 4 weeks, even with things that you already own. @linsdrabwell has also started a new hashtag #30daysoffeelgood where she will be sharing her daily activities, and those of others so please do check that out.

I’m still planning on baking, cosying up by the fire and generally hibernating, but I feel that having a focus like this will really help my mental health, which is vital right now isn’t it.  I am not a fan of winter at the best of times and if you feel similar then I send my love and please know that I completely understand how you feel.

I’ll keep you updated on progress because, who knows, I might get two weeks in and forget the idea completely, stay in my ‘loungewear’ and get a tin of chocolates out!

Lydia x

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  1. These changes that you have applied are looking great and thank you for sharing these.
    Keep sharing more work like this with new creative ideas.


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