5 Things I Have Learned in 2020

Sunset in 2020
The sun setting on 2020

What were you hoping for as you looked ahead to 2020 on 31st December 2019?

You can read more about what I learned in 2019 and my plans for 2020, here.

I’m sure none of us could have imagined how 2020 would unfold.  Face masks, hand sanitiser and the restrictions that prevented us from freely seeing family and friends, but have kept us safe. It’s been bitter sweet to say the least!

I know that I have learned a lot about myself in 2020 – what I am capable of and how I can adapt.  It has also been a year of achievements in the face of delays, family illness and other complications and I’ve enjoyed reflecting on everything that has happened over the last 12 months.

There are so many positives to be drawn from the past 12 months, although it can’t be denied that it has been a tough year and a difficult one to try and mentally unpack.

Here are 5 Things I Have Learned in 2020, and I’ll share how I plan to use these learnings going forward into 2021.

Being Resourceful

I have always stuck to budgets when planning the house renovation or taking care of the day to day, but I’ve needed to do this so much more in 2020.

I revamped the garden initially for less than £150 (you can read more about this, here) and in subsequent house projects I have tried to use products and tools that we already owned.  This reduces cost but is also more sustainable.

I got really strict with planning meals too so that I didn’t need to go to the supermarket too much.  I’ve enjoyed trying new recipes, although I’m still not great at cooking!

We still get on!

It can be a real test to be with someone all the time and not able to see other people.  I had flashbacks to family holidays as a teenager!

Mr S and I still get on though and we haven’t killed other so I’m going to take that as a bonus! At times it has been challenging, as you can imagine, but ultimately we’ve supported each other and helped each get through some of the darkest times in 2020.

Walking in the countryside on a sunny day creating shadows in the grass
A day of walking in the sunshine, just the two of us.

I only like cake tiers

In the UK, around October (I lose track of time if I’m honest!) there was a tier system brought in and each area of the country was assigned a tier, each with different restrictions. Where we live has been in either a local lockdown or the highest Tier since the middle of September.  I only like cake tiers though!

Likewise with bubbles.  It had been said that ‘bubble’ was a word that you could never say in an angry way. 2020 may have changed that! I only like social bubbles in a glass thanks!

There are so many other words that will take on a different meaning post 2020. “Social distancing’, “unprecedented” and “maskne” to name three!

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries in 2020 has been vital for my mental health.  My mental health has definitely had low points this year, and I’m not alone with that.  Surrounding myself with positive people and ones that don’t drain me, both emotionally and mentally, has been really important and at times has helped me to keep my head above water, so to speak. 

In the past I have perhaps pushed myself beyond what I could mentally handle and have suffered for it afterwards.  Often I have gone to social events when I have been tired and although it is good to get out of your comfort zone, sometimes I haven’t listened to my body and taken care of myself enough.

I just haven’t had any buffer for that in 2020 with everything else happening and I feel that this will be something that I will take forward.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to have the time to see the benefits.

I’m more of an eater than a baker

I didn’t get on board with the sourdough phase in the first lockdown, but I did bake scones and cakes.  I tried to follow along with the Great British Bake Off in the autumn, but I can’t say that my skills have increased.

I’m much happier eating cake than baking it, and that’s ok.

2021 plans

I don’t make resolutions, but I am a planner by nature and I love a list (not that you can tell!) so I like to have an idea of what to aim for.

I’ve not been specific about what I’d like to achieve in 2021 as I don’t think that suits me anymore.  I have three things that I’d like to focus on though:

  1. Balance – still learning over here!
  2. Nurture – I want to take care of my body, my mental health and our family.
  3. Connection – I want to stay connected with family and friends (restrictions dependent of course) and improve my blog also.

I think they’re all achievable, don’t you?

In the meantime, I hope that you and yours are safe and well and that you too have a fabulous start to 2021.  I’m sure it won’t be long until I have a DIY tutorial or renovation story for you!

Lydia xx

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2 thoughts on “5 Things I Have Learned in 2020

  1. I enjoyed this blog – especially Being Resourceful & Set Boundaries. You achieved a lot in 2020 – despite the challenges ….. or the flashbacks Well done and thank you


    1. So pleased that you enjoyed reading it xxx


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